Hello war!

I’m a DM. I’m an edition warrior, and I’m aiming to take the 4e Defender paragon path. For now, though, I’m heroic tier.

I run two D&D games. One is in-person, running through the H1-E3 series. We’re on H3 now. I’ve been running it since summer of ’08, and only one of my original players is still in the game. The other is via Skype, in a homebrew setting. I’ve also been running that since ’08, and we’re also still in mid-to-late heroic tier.

Being an adult, with a job and a kid and other hobbies, really sucks. I wish I were in college so I could just cut class to play D&D.


2 Responses to “Hello war!”

  1. Life was a lot different, BC (before children) wasn’t it? 😀

  2. Incidentally James, i’m not ignoring you on the D&D site. It’s just that it’s more appropriate to have an exchange of ideas here, than on someone else’s blog.


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