Continuing the Edition War from Somewhere Else

I’ve started a couple posts, but I’m working on them slowly in order to give them a chance to become mostly fully formed. Plus, work and family have both been busy, so the Edition Wars have had to take a back seat.

But over at this other dude’s blog, this other other dude and I have been having what passed for a fairly reasonable debate in the EW. Granted, we both think the other is wrong, but that’s Why We Fight.

So, Paladin, to continue the argument, I have two pointed questions for you, related to what we’ve been saying over there:

1. You point to the 80 percent treasure rule from the I think the 1981 box. Can you provide the same rule from BECMI or 1e AD&D? Not that the 1974, 1977 or 1981 boxes don’t count, but BECMI and 1e count more, because they were the state of the game for a longer time. However, back then I was a player, not a DM, so I have no memory of that rule.  (EDIT: he  already did this for BECMI on his own blog.)

2. Someone else, but who I believe you agree with, pointed to the monster reaction chart (friendly, unfriendly, hostile) as a good thing, because it sets up opportunities for roleplaying. I, on the other hand, make the players roll when they use their skill. What is the substantive difference between the DM rolling at the beginning of the interaction to see how the monster behaves and the DM using the player’s roll during the interaction to see how the monster behaves?

And, now that I think of, a third question:

3. How do you define “quest” that excludes the way you like to play (looting, information-gathering, low-combat)?


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